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Specified Lighting Solutions with Leading and Reliable Technologies

Maxitech has been a key player in the lighting industry since 1988. Providing customized lighting systems designs and utilizing only the most reliable brands in the global lighting market, our sales engineers are trained to provide you with the most suitable lighting solutions for your individual requirements. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

As the lighting market becomes infiltrated with new players each year, we guarantee that our experience and knowledge in the industry holds our reputation as one of the top lighting suppliers in the Philippine Market. With access to global resources, we provide the best options the market has to offer, all customized according to specific needs and budgets.

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CRML Enterprises Bldg. Magsaysay Road Bo. San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna


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"Design is defined by light and shade...

and appropriate lighting is enormously important."

- Albert Hadley

River Park, Festival Supermall, Muntinlupa, Philippines


Areas of Application


In Industrial settings, lighting must be energy efficient as well as highly suited to the standards required by the specific environments of certain industries. IP-rated lighting solutions often fall in this category and it is important that fittings are rated to function properly in its environment.


Roadway lighting, area lighting, flood lighting and tunnel lighting are but a few applications that fall into the outdoor lighting category. Lighting environments which are exposed to varying conditions also require specially rated products that meet the specific requirements of each application.


The retail game has never been so strongly dynamic as it is engaging. The right lighting solutions should provide the client with the proper fittings to make the retail environment as attention grabbing as it is practical in serving buyer's visual needs.


Light is easily used to to enhance and define architectural spaces, but more than that, architectural lighting design seeks to utilize both natural and artificial light to serve specific needs of human occupants, as well as promote and complement the given architectural space.


Employee performance relates to office environment. By providing the appropriate visual environment supporting visual acuity as well as visual comfort, employees are able to perform their day to day task with no added strain from office setting.


Indoor and outdoor areas of a residence require not only the utilization of traditional lamp sources, but also the use of technical lighting products that adapts to specific spaces, and provides for the lighting requirements of each room or area, depending on the conditions of how they are used.



"The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting."

-Susan Cain

Bicol University, Philippines



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